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Kathmandu Jumpsuit

Kathmandu Jumpsuit

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"If we’re talking travel game-changers, our trip to Nepal back in 2015 takes the cake. And if we’re talking clothing game-changers, this romper is the cherry on top. So, we’ve named this piece after Kathmandu. Think hiking in the Himalayas and then heading back to your room and slipping into this comfy lounger…"

Xx, Bec    

There is no hiding the fact that we love linen rompers around here. We had fun with this one! This subtle asymmetric design is all about the details - composed of eight different pattern pieces all meeting to form the pocket. We hear ya, all torsos were not created equal...that is why the straps loop through button holes and tie for easy adjustability. Underarms cut high so you can go sans undershirt. Layer with a turtleneck or bodysuit to transition into chiller temperatures.

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Key Features

  • Fabric Content: 100% Linen
  • Wash in cold water, low tumble to dry.
  • All garments are washed and dried after assembly
  • 100% made in Canada

Why Linen?

Here are just a few of the reasons we've fallen in love (and won't go back)!                  

  • One of the most eco-friendly fibres, as well as being one of the strongest  natural fibres.
  • Our linen is a weight of 240gsm so it will be durable for everyday use.
  • Great thermoregulation properties. Meaning it draws heat away from the body, keeping you cooler in the warmer months and gives warmth during the cold months.
  • No need to iron. Natural creases and wrinkles give linen its comforting and relaxed charm.   
  • Our linen products are pre-washed helping kickstart that signature linen softness that gets better with age and use.

Made for You

These garments are made specially for you after the order is placed. Your order will be dispatched within 3 weeks of the order date. 

We offer fit customization at no extra cost. Our made-for-you approach gives you the freedom to alter pieces for that just-right fit—whether you want a little more room in the hips, a few more inches at the hem or a higher rise.

Your piece is tailored by our talented team of seamstresses and your pattern is saved for future orders, so it’s ready and waiting as you grow your collection.

If you require any custom sizing adjustments to be made to your order, please include these specifications in the "order notes" section found on the cart page. This could include lengthening/ shortening the length to "x amount", adjusting the sleeve length to "x amount", etc.

If you are unsure of your size, or feel that you are between sizes, please include your measurements + height in the "order notes" section found on the cart page.

Garment Color Palette

For a more in-depth look at our entire garment color palette, please visit this link.

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