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Home Linen

Linen - not only one of the most eco-friendly fibers... it is also the strongest, most durable natural fibers. Our home linen is a weight of 240gsm, durable and perfect for year-round use.

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Linen Robe - cedarandvineLinen Robe - cedarandvine
Linen Robe Sale price$138.00
Linen Tea Towel - cedarandvineLinen Tea Towel - cedarandvine
Linen Tea Towel Sale priceFrom $23.00
Linen Table Napkin - cedarandvineLinen Table Napkin - cedarandvine
Linen Table Napkin Sale priceFrom $19.00
Linen Duvet Cover Set - cedarandvineLinen Duvet Cover Set - cedarandvine
Linen Duvet Cover Set Sale priceFrom $205.00
Lavender Sleep Mask - cedarandvineLavender Sleep Mask - cedarandvine
Lavender Sleep Mask Sale price$34.00
Linen Utility Apron - cedarandvineLinen Utility Apron - cedarandvine
Linen Utility Apron Sale price$116.00
Linen Pillow Cover - cedarandvineLinen Pillow Cover - cedarandvine
Linen Pillow Cover Sale priceFrom $27.00
Textured Cushion Cover - cedarandvineTextured Cushion Cover - cedarandvine
Textured Cushion Cover Sale priceFrom $45.00
Geometric Cushion Cover - cedarandvineGeometric Cushion Cover - cedarandvine
Geometric Cushion Cover Sale priceFrom $49.00
Linen Duvet Cover - cedarandvineLinen Duvet Cover - cedarandvine
Linen Duvet Cover Sale priceFrom $186.00
Linen Table Runner - cedarandvineLinen Table Runner - cedarandvine
Linen Table Runner Sale priceFrom $34.00
Linen Tablecloth - cedarandvineLinen Tablecloth - cedarandvine
Linen Tablecloth Sale priceFrom $67.00
ARTIST FEATURE || Clay People Napkin Rings x Linen Napkins - cedarandvineARTIST FEATURE || Clay People Napkin Rings x Linen Napkins - cedarandvine
Living in Linen Lookbook - cedarandvineLiving in Linen Lookbook - cedarandvine
Living in Linen Lookbook Sale price$0.00