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Waffle Scarf - cedarandvineWaffle Scarf - cedarandvine
Waffle Scarf Sale price$45.00
Gift Card - cedarandvine
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $18.59
Linen Spray - cedarandvineLinen Spray - cedarandvine
Linen Spray Sale price$15.00
Lavender Sleep Mask - cedarandvineLavender Sleep Mask - cedarandvine
Lavender Sleep Mask Sale price$34.00
Neck Tie - cedarandvineNeck Tie - cedarandvine
Neck Tie Sale priceFrom $12.00
Linen Belt - cedarandvineLinen Belt - cedarandvine
Linen Belt Sale price$34.00
Ruched Belt - cedarandvineRuched Belt - cedarandvine
Ruched Belt Sale price$56.00
stack of linen fabric remnants
Fabric Off-Cuts Sale price$0.00
Terry Toque - cedarandvineTerry Toque - cedarandvine
Terry Toque Sale price$21.00 Regular price$30.00
ARTIST FEATURE || Saggezza Scarf - cedarandvineARTIST FEATURE || Saggezza Scarf - cedarandvine
Living in Linen Lookbook - cedarandvineLiving in Linen Lookbook - cedarandvine
Living in Linen Lookbook Sale price$0.00