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What is sew with Jo?

Sew with Jo is a new project for us, focused on sharing our love of sewing, pattern making, and knowledge from years of production experience.

Our PDF patterns and illustrated sewing guides are a culmination of our years designing, creating and refining our passion; and we couldn't be happier to share them with you. Welcome to the Cedar & Vine sewing community!

Sharing our love of sewing

Why Sew with us?

A glimpse inside our workbook...

Cedar and Vine Color Palette

Welcome to our community

With Cedar & Vine, one of our goals is restoring our connection to clothing. Turning back the dial and slowing things down to reconsider what brings us joy. Teaching and sharing our craft checks that box of “things that bring us joy” - and we hope that this project and the fulfillment that comes with it brings you much joy too.

sewing patterns

Remember that sewing is a skill that is not learned overnight. It takes time and patience. And like all things that take time; it is so worth it! Remember to enjoy the process and celebrate each win.

Xx, Jo