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Made in Canada


Meet the Team

If there's one thing we've learned through the creation of Cedar & Vine...It's that there's a little bit of magic that comes when we embrace our insanity + channel it towards that which we love. From the beginning, it was our goal to be transparent. Ultimately, no matter where we go with our brand, that is a value that will never change. So in order to keep that transparency, we want to introduce you to the wonderful team behind the creation of our products.



I'm Jo - the founder of Cedar and Vine. Where to start...this brand has taken me on such a crazy, wonderful journey - it's hard to summarize it up. Cedar and Vine started simply; it was born out of my love for linen and desire to design quality garments with intention. I wanted to create garments that would be lived in and loved for years - clothing that would go against the fast fashion consumer trend that is so prevalent in our current world. 

I look at intentional design as a process that works for good and benefits everything affected by the product. This includes the people who create, model, and market our garments, good ol' mother earth, and of course YOU - the end user. 

As the saying goes  "There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." For me this means making our products right here in our studio; where I can ensure that the entire process aligns with our brand values.

I truly feel so blessed to be surrounded by the most lovely team and to have the opportunity to create and connect with likeminded people. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting our brand.

Xx, Jo   



I’m Michaela, and I play a few different roles within Cedar & Vine. You can typically find me in our studio overseeing production. For most days that means organizing orders, running our cutting machine, and hopping on a sewing machine whenever time allows. 

Jo is amazing at creating a thriving work environment, and giving us the encouragement and space to expand and hone new skills. I started in 2020 as primarily a seamstress, but have had the opportunity to evolve into our in-house photographer who's also constantly learning about the ins and outs of marketing. 

Everyday I am so thankful that I get to work at a job that aligns my passions with my values, while also working amongst friends. It’s never a dull moment in our studio, and I’m always so excited to hear Jo’s grand ideas and visions for the future of her brand. I feel so proud sewing our “Made in Canada” label into each garment that I get the opportunity to work on! I hope our customers feel so much joy putting on our pieces and understand how much thought and care went into the process of making their garment.

Xx, Michaela



My name is Kristine. Almost ten years ago I crossed the ocean to live here in Canada. Originally I'm from Latvia, where I found the magic of sewing. First inspiration I got, was from my grandmother, who sewed clothes for my doll.  She transformed  fabric into a dress like she knew some magic. Years later I found my mother's sewing machine.. And so it began. Now I am a dressmaker for almost two decades, still enjoying this job and my hobby at the same time. 

When I'm not sitting at a sewing machine, I like to spend time with my family exploring Canada.

 Xx, Kristine



Hi - I'm Rae. I started working for C&V after moving back to my home area from BC in June 2022. The team here are welcoming and extremely helpful! I have the privilege of steam pressing, wrapping, and shipping your new linens to you. I love to think of the packaging arriving at your door and your excitement to try your new pieces!

You may recognize me from modelling some of the linen garments here on the C&V site (not something I would normally do) that's all Jo - she is so encouraging and inspiring - always promoting the very best within each of us! I have to say I love the feel of linen on my skin.

Getting to work with linen and the lovely ladies here at C&V brings a smile to my face. I think of it as spreading our sunshine to the world stitch by stitch. I love that I get to be part of the process of creating something that makes you look and feel your very best.

Xx, Rae



My name is Liudmyla, and I became a seamstress in high school over 50 years ago. Although I’ve had many different jobs in my life, sewing has always stayed a hobby of mine. When I got an idea or had an event coming up, I could stay up for two nights to be able to make myself a new dress. The ability to sew has always inspired me to take it to the next level.

In 2022, I had to leave my home in Ukraine and move to Canada, and here I met this amazing team at C&V. I’m very grateful to Jo for believing in my skills and giving me the opportunity to become a part of this team. I love using all my skills to make new things and to help people to fall in love with linen as much as I have. 

Xx, Liudmyla



Hello, I'm Lisa! I'm a wife, mother and grandma to two wonderful grandboys.

I am born and raised in the North Portal area, moving to Estevan and then to Weyburn 8 years ago. I was blessed with two creative grandmothers who sewed, crocheted among other crafts so my love of being creative is so much a part of me.

Joining the Cedar and Vine team is something that feels perfectly suited to me. Jo's love of fabric and designing speaks to my heart. Working with this small team of talented women is so wonderful. You can find me in the showroom, answering your emails and questions.

I look forward to meeting you one day soon, be it in person or through an email.

Xx, Lisa



Hello, my name is Marnelle. I was raised in the Weyburn area and have raised my three children here as well. After 45 years of working I retired…until I saw that Cedar & Vine was looking for someone to sew clothing. Working here and using my skills I developed as a hobby is a wonderful experience. I am grateful for everyday that I get to come here and work with this talented group. 


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