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Women's Linen Suits

Finding a Women's Linen Pants Suit Couldn't be Easier with Cedar & Vine's Bespoke Collection

A little birdy told us that you're looking for a linen pantsuit that packs a serious punch. And we've got a selection of linen pant suits for women that are ready to impress and provide comfort.

These linen pantsuits have consistently been one of our bestsellers - and for good reason. Our linen pantsuits are versatile, stylish and, most importantly, beloved by our customers.

Some outfits we love with our linen pantsuits include:

  • For a laid-back brunch style, wear with leather sandals, a blazer and statement jewellery.
  • For a more sophisticated evening vibe, pair one of these pantsuits with heels, a silky blazer and a belt.
  • An elegant fall linen outfits for women can be composed with a turtleneck, cosy scarf and ankle boots.

Stylish and Elegant Linen Pant Suits for Women

Here are four reasons that you'll love your Cedar & Vine linen pantsuit:

Seasonal versatility

Our linen pantsuits can be worn every time of the year. Their thermoregulatory abilities mean that they're suitable for hot and cold weather. Its breathable material prevents moisture buildup while allowing heat to pass in and out as required. When you look up 'ultimate comfort' in the dictionary, a picture of our linen pantsuits appears!

In terms of style, it's easy to adapt these pantsuits to each season. By amending accessories, outer layers and shoes, the women's linen pant suits can be rendered stylish for every weather. Read More

Durability - knowing that you're wearing something that will last

Fast fashion stipulates that fragile, trendy clothing is produced and quickly disposed of. Luckily, linen never goes out of style and, if well-maintained, will last for years.

In fact, linen actively gets better with age. As it matures, the fibres become increasingly soft and touchable. The colour fades slightly into a stylish patina. We've even known linen apron being handed down as an heirloom - that's how durable it is.

Our rock-solid values

Many slow fashion companies, despite their claims, import cheap fabrics. However, we're happy to put our money where our mouth is. Our gorgeous linen is worked on by our studio, which is run directly by us. We're constantly innovating and trying out new ways of designing our linen suits for women. Cedar & Vine has been 100% authentic since day 1, and that's not something that we're ever willing to compromise.

Customised just for you

Very few people's figures conform exactly to a particular clothing size. Consequently, if you add your measurements at the checkout, we'll tailor your pantsuit to match your physique perfectly at no extra cost. Then, next time you shop with us, we'll save your preferences so you can order Canadian linen pants without thinking twice about the fit. We're all about making clothes that you feel a close connection to - clothes as unique as you are.

Building a custom, stylish wardrobe has never been easier than with Cedar & Vine.

Women's Linen Suits, Straight to Your Doorstep

If you'd like to learn more about Cedar & Vine's products and story, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you! Read Less

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