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Article: Layering Linen: A Note on Season-Less Fashion

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Layering Linen: A Note on Season-Less Fashion

If there’s anything that we have learned from living in Canada, it’s the art of layering. Our weather seems to go from extreme heat to extreme cold in a matter of a few days (sometimes hours). Transitional dressing is a life saver for ever varying temperatures, and eliminates those sad, end-of-summer feelings of having to put away your favourite warm weather garments. Not only is layering essential for maximum coziness, but also provides the opportunity to discover new and exciting style combinations without a huge extra expense. This method repurposes and revitalizes the pieces that you most likely already have hanging in your closet, also making it a clear sustainable choice.

Here’s a quick guide to layering your favourite garments to keep you comfortable and stylish all year long!

models wearing linen two-way tunic

Our Two-Way Tunic, one of our many reversible styles!   

Let’s start with the basics. It’s best to start your outfit with the garments that sit closest to your skin. To eliminate bulk it’s a good idea to keep these first layers lighter and/or tighter to your body. You can also keep in mind whether these base layers are suitable on their own. If choosing to wear another layer over your base, you’ll want to be able to have the option to take that one off, and still be proud of what you are wearing underneath. Use base tees, tanks, and long sleeves, to pair underneath dresses, jumpsuits, and other tops. Leggings are also great underneath dresses, long tops, and even pants.  

models wearing base top and base leggings

Next are the pieces that we like to call our wardrobe staples. These garments look great on their own as well as with a layer underneath and/or over top. The pieces that we love to live in, and are designed to be timeless pieces that do not just live within the parameters of a trend or season. It’s worth investing in versatile pieces that are of higher quality, in terms of material and construction. Then you know that they will last while being constant repeats in your styling choices. Hence Cedar & Vine’s main philosophy of “Choose well, make it last.”

You can read more about our beliefs, here. 

models wearing different style of linen garments

Thirdly is an outer layer. This can be anything that has a looser silhouette and can usually be found in the categories of sweaters, blazers, and jackets. These layers can be effortlessly stylish and easy to put on or take off. Have fun with these pieces! Layer over rompers, dresses, and top/bottom combos.

models wearing cotton pullover and linen jackets

Bonus! Add accessories to your look to really let your personal style and character shine! Everything from jewellery, shoes, bags, scarves, and headgear are fair game and can be switched up for whatever mood and/or setting you are in.

models wearing cotton toque and linen scarf and belt 

Keeping this all in mind can help you curate a wardrobe that you truly love to live in, throughout all the seasons. Only choosing pieces that you adore is not only easier on your wallet, but also on the environment. Investing in long-lasting timeless pieces helps ease the burden of textile waste and goes against everything we are being fed in this fast-fashion age. Don’t let short term trends overwhelm and dictate how you think you should dress. How you style yourself, is an ultra personal choice and presents an amazing opportunity to show and share the values you support.

Clothing is one of the first things people notice about you - let it be a conversation piece!  

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