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Article: Behind the Scenes of the Cedar & Vine Studio

Cedar and vine

Behind the Scenes of the Cedar & Vine Studio

Our goal at Cedar & Vine is to create timeless pieces that you can live in and love for years to come.  While it's important to us about using high quality and eco-friendly fibres.  It's doubly important about how we go about making the products and being completely transparent in our process.  So here it is - a glimpse into our studio and a breakdown of our production.  We are proud to have our studio in our hometown of Weyburn, Saskatchewan.  

Everything from design, manufacturing, to product photography, happens under this one roof!  

Cedar and Vine studio

Let's start right at the beginning!  Every one of our products starts with an idea and goes through a rigorous design process.  Jo (founder & designer) get's her initial designs sketched/drafted in our digital software.  After this, it's time to make a physical copy of the product in what we call a sample.  Sample making is an essential part of the whole manufacturing process as it's an excellent way to catch design flaws before a whole production run is made, and a good gauge about how much materials will be needed and how much time it will take to make it.  So the sample design file is sent to our cutting machine and one sample garment is cut out to be sewn up by either one of our seamstresses (Kristine & Michaela).

It's a very satisfying feeling when a design works out perfectly the first time and it doesn't require any changes or adjustments, but sometimes a design needs a little tweaking.  These designs benefit from a little team input and brainstorming and then get reworked in the design software, and then another sample is cut out to be sewn.  Thankfully the second sample usually finds any of the first sample's problems resolved, but sometimes we have to go back to the drawing board or realize that a particular design is not worth the time or resources of continuing with. 

Pattern drafting on computer and rolls of fabric 

Once samples have passed the first part of the manufacturing process.  Jo is able to take the pattern of the design and grade it to all of our sizes (2XS-4XL).  We then cut out a sample garment in each size and colorway in preparation for a photoshoot to create our product listings.  It's paramount to us that we are able to represent an inclusive size range, so we have worked with local models as well as local everyday women who inspire us.  We also believe in supporting the talent in our community, and proudly work with female creatives in the photography and videography business.  FYI our photoshoots are always a fun and exciting time! 

Photographer and model 

While waiting for photos to be received back from our photographers and their editing process, we work on getting our website ready for our launch.  Each product gets into own page and listing that contains the details, sizing info, colors, material info, and of course products photos.  Once all product info and photos have been uploaded we make sure everything is running smoothly.  Sometimes this process has two of us (Jo & Michaela) running around like crazy in the back end of our website, getting it all looking and working just right for our customers and the official product launch.

 Jo and spools of thread

Once products have launched we move into our more regular day-to-day operations of our manufacturing process.  Our entire production process is based on the model of made-to-order.  This means that your order is cut and sewn specifically for you!  Made-to-order means we have minimal waste because we are only making products that have been sold.  This also means that we do not have to pressure our customers to buy garments that we have already made.  The made-to-order model also allows us to be more versatile since we do not have to spend our time stocking every style in each color and size.  So instead we are able to offer custom sizing and focus the utmost detail on each and every product we make. 

So this is the process that happens each and every time you place an order with us!

After an order is received we create the pattern marker for each item.  If the customer has included any garment sizing adjustments we do the alterations in our drafting software first.  Next we send the marker’s digital file to our cutting machine.  The fabric is spread across the table of our cutting machine and then the machine does all the work.  A single garment is able to be cut out in a minute or less, so its VERY fast and efficient! 

ironing fabric

Next the cut pieces are passed off to our seamstresses who apply any fusing, gather appropriate notions, and thread both their sewing machine and serger with matching thread colour to the products they are about to sew.  Depending on the style and its complexity, a product can take anywhere from 1-6 hours to sew. 

linen clothes canada

Once sewing is completed, every one of our products, other than our lined jackets/coats get washed.  Washing the products helps kickstart the signature linen softness that gets better with age and use as well as help avoid any shrinkage on the customers end.  Once washed and dried, everything gets ironed while being examined in a quality check.  After passing the Cedar & Vine quality check, the product gets passed off to be lovingly packaged, and then sent off to be shipped to YOU!

Women packaging orders

As you can see it is quite a timely process that involves accurate communication and excellent teamwork to create each and every one of our products, but we would not have it any other way!  Since we are able to make our products right here in our studio, we can ensure that the entire process aligns with our brand values while being completely transparent with our customers. 

 Cedar and Vine team

Read more about our lil team here!

So a HUGE thank you for supporting our brand and it’s values, we take great pride in our work and we don't take for granted sewing in our “Handmade in Canada” labels. 

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