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Summer Sample Sale 2024

(What you need to know)

Mark Your Calendar!

We are having our Summer Seconds and Samples Sale in two parts this time around. Read trough the info below to be prepared ahead of time.

June 12 & 13 - In person:

Our sale starts on June 12, 2024 at 8am. The first 2 days of our sale will be exclusively in store (our Weyburn, SK showroom location only).

Hours: June 12, 8am - 5pm & June 13, 8am - 8pm

June 14 - Online:

On June 14th at 10am CST we will make the remaining items available to our online store. The sale will continue until we sell out.

Items sell fast and we often can't answer all inquires on the day of the sale. Read through the info beforehand so you don't miss out! There will be 150+items in the sale.

These are garments that have either been returned/exchanged with customizations, items that were used in photoshoots, or items that have been made with discontinued colorways. Discounts on the items will range from 15-45% based on their condition and customization. Please note that all sales are final and no further alterations or customizations can be made. Items will ship out 1-2 business days after the item is purchased.


Sample Sale Colorways

We don't photograph every style in every colorway for our sample sale product listings. Our color palette below shows an example of each colorway in an array of different garments.

Since our sample sale includes many of our past colors, we have split our palette up into 2 parts. Discontinued colors and current colors. See below.


A deep, warm, orange hue that is hinted with an undertone of red. The perfect embodiment of earth and nature. This energetic color adds modernity and promotes the sense of optimism.

The Essential Skirt (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvine


A warm, taupe hue that is an organic balance between a grey and brown on the color spectrum. This hue is comforting and earthy, and emits soothing feelings to help relax the mind and body.

Linen Romper - cedarandvine


A very moody and dark, organic green. This earthy hue embodies health and growth. It is reminiscent of a deep stroll through the woods.


A soft grey with sage undertones. This color brings a sense of tranquility and sophistication. The calming neutral is both versatile and understated, reminiscent of sea mist.


A deep teal color that rests gracefully between blue and green. This entrancing color is reminiscent of sea waters. It is as vibrant and alluring, as it is calming.


A delicate, warm white with soft and subtle undertones. A true staple color that promotes calmness and fresh feelings of purity and luxury.


A buttery and bright yellow. This warm hue exudes cheeriness, energy, and warmth. The shade is a representation of the vibrance of spring and happiness.


A deep and dark blue that is a versatile neutral shade and complements an array of colors. This navy color is reliable, classic and sophisticated.

Linen Pant - cedarandvine


A soft and warm light pink hue. This color veers towards being a neutral and can be styled for a natural or contemporary look. This hue captures the feelings of joy with a soft warmth that positively glows with femininity and grace.

Linen Romper - cedarandvine


A juicy and rich, red color that has purple and rust undertones. This warm, passionate hue represents luxuriousness while evoking romance and elegant drama.

Iris Dress - cedarandvine


This warm, upbeat, and invigorating salmon-like hue blends the femininity of pink with the energy and optimism of orange. Symbolizing friendliness and uniqueness.


A cool, mid grey hue that possesses a soft hint of a blue-green undertone. This balanced hue is sophisticated and timeless, evoking feelings of calmness and composure.


A cool and dark grey with slight undertones of a dark purple. This color is noticeably lighter than black, This deep, dramatic neutral lends calming properties while also bringing a sophisticated edge.


A warm, organic, green color with a hint of yellow undertones. This earthy hue embodies fullness of life and growth, while also promoting health and harmony.


A bright, but warm beige. Speckled with hints of brown and white undertones through natural unbleached fibres. This neutral hue offers feelings of comfort and organic tranquility.


A very soft, gentle hue that strikes the perfect balance between lavender and indigo. This cool color represents sophisticated serenity while also adding a groovy vibe.

Wrap Dress - cedarandvine


A strong and true black. This colour can be easily dressed down with softer tones, or up with vivid hues. This color exhibits a professional and sophisticated vibe with a modern and dramatic edge.