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Artículo: Summer Sewing Inspiration From The C&V Seamstresses

Embroidered plants on purple fabric

Summer Sewing Inspiration From The C&V Seamstresses

With the recent launch or our sewing patterns our three talented seamstresses took the opportunity to create pieces that were completely unique to them. 

We love how they turned out and we hope their projects inspire you for some creative sewing projects of your own!

Marnelle's Sewing Project

A woman standing outdoors while wearing her linen tee and skirt

Marnelle chose the Everyday Tee pattern for her project. Starting with the majority of her tee in our Moss linen she added a patchwork panel into the front. Marnelle is a master quilter, so we adored that she brought some fabric piecing into her project. She completed her color coordinated look with a Courtside Skort.

Illustration of Patchwork Everyday Tee

Sewing Marnelle's Patchwork Tee

(It's best practice to do these steps with your paper pattern. But we illustrated it with using the same colors as the finished garment.)

  1. Figure out where you would like your patchwork panel would like to be.
  2. Cut out your panel from the main pattern piece. Make sure to add seam allowance to either side of your panel as well as either side of where you cut your panel out.
  3. Sew your patchwork panel. This is a great way to use up your favourite scraps of fabric. The pattern pieces and color combinations are endless! Make sure you make your patchwork piece slightly larger than your panel pattern piece. (You can also cut out another panel piece of as a backing for your patchwork piece that will enclose all your piecing seams.)
  4. Lay your panel pattern piece on top of your patchwork piece and cut out.
  5. Sew your patchwork panel into your tee and you're done!

Kristine's Sewing Projects

Woman wearing purple linen skirt

Kristine's first project started with our Essential Skirt. She shortened the original pattern by about 6 inches and sewed it out of this beautiful, lilac colored linen that she had thrifted. Kristine added some endearing charm by sewing on rick-rack trim to the hem and pocket openings. She also added some of her own special flare by using her embroidery talents and creating a threaded design that perfectly mimicked the environment that we were photographing in. Kristine completed her handmade ensemble with an Essential Tank in Moss, that perfectly complimented the color of her skirt.

Young girl wearing linen shorts

Kristine's second project was for her youngest daughter, Luize. Using the Coastal Short as her base she created this color block look using our Sunshine and Oatmeal linen with a little bit of Mist trim for an additional pop of color. We think that the combination of colors created a very reminiscent look to a vintage athletic short.

Girls and mother wearing linen garments

Kristine's final project was a damaged Midnight Linen Jumper that she brought back to life with color blocking using our Marine, Pebble, and Moss linen. It happened to fit her eldest daughter, Eliza, perfectly! (Our Jumper might be in our next pattern launch if you are looking forward to sewing one of your own. Wink-wink!)

Thank you so much to Luize and Eliza for modelling for us! It was also a nice affirmation that our patterns/garments can be adapted/worn for preteens and teens.

Liudmyla's Sewing Project

Woman wearing handmade linen tunic.

Liudmyla chose to take on the Tunic Top. This is definitely her signature style — colourful and playful. She chose to do some color blocking with a play on our two pink hues, Coral and Blush. She accented it with Mist neck binding and a fun zig-zag design stitched down the front. Liudmyla completed her outfit with a pair of our Mist Resort Shorts.

Sewing Liudmyla's Color Block Tunic Top

How to sew Liudmyla's look: The hardest part is probably choosing what colors go well together. We recommend studying an artist's color wheel if you are having a hard time figuring out what colors compliment each other or use this color guide here! Creating a color blocking design for the Tunic Top is a great decision for this pattern if you don't have enough fabric to do all in a single color or want to use up some smaller pieces of fabric. 

Sew One Of Your Own

Whether you're an experienced sewer or just starting out our sewing patterns and workbooks offer the guidance to complete a Cedar & Vine look of your own. The patterns can be easily customized to add complexity and create a look completely unique garment of your own. 

Each Pattern Includes A Workbook

Cedar and Vine sewing workbooks

Our fully illustrated and detailed, PDF workbooks will guide you through every step. From calculating how much fabric you need, determining your size, cutting out your pattern pieces to sewing your garment.


The very same linen fabric that we use for our own garment production. Shop our curated collection of colorways. 

Sold by the 1/2 meter.

  • Fiber Content: 100% Linen
  • Midweight: 240gsm
  • Material Width: 51-53 inches
  • Oeko-Tex Certified

Rolls of linen fabric.

We hope to see your sewn creations!

Xx, The Cedar & Vine Team

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