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behind the scenes

What does the made-for-you process look like?

What happens in that window of time from when you place your order…to that happy “your order is shipped” notification? Come behind-the-scenes and we will share our process from start to finish!

no. 01

If customizations were requested in the order notes, those are made to the pattern first. We create a separate file with the modifications, should you choose to re-order in the future. 

no. 02

The pattern is then ready to be made into a marker that we format and prepare for our cutting machine to read.

no. 03

Fabric is manually spread across the cutting machine table and then we let the machine do all the work of precisely cutting out each piece for the garment.

no. 04

The cut out garment pieces are then bundled together with a tag that indicates the style, size, and order number.

no. 05

This bundle is then handed over to our seamstresses who ready their sewing machine and serger with matching thread, fuse any fabric pieces, and gather appropriate notions for the garment that they will be sewing. Depending on the style and its complexity, a product can take anywhere from 1-6 hours to sew.

no. 06

Once sewing is complete, every one of our products (other than our lined jackets/coats) gets washed. Washing the products helps kickstart that signature linen softness, as well as help avoid any shrinkage on the customer's end. 

no. 07

After being washed and dried, everything gets ironed while undergoing a quality check.

no. 08

Once passing quality control the products get wrapped and packaged.

no. 09

One of our couriers then picks up, or we drop the package off at the post office to be shipped to you!

our goal

By hand making garments that are custom-fit just for you, our goal is to inspire a deeper connection to your clothing. We believe when you choose to invest in quality pieces and feel close to the people who make them, you’ll cherish them for longer—and maybe even pass them down to someone else one day.

Crafted with love from our historic studio in Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Because every Cedar & Vine garment is ethically designed and sewn under one roof, we can give complete clarity about the environment our clothing is made in and the wellbeing of the women crafting it.