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Made in Canada

Linen Duvet Cover (Ready to Ship)


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A note from the designer.

If you don't already sleep under a linen duvet - we promise you won't go back. Aside from the amazing feeling of cuddling in under a luxurious cloud of linen; we adore the aesthetic simplicity of this look. The standout design element is one extended raw edge that spans the entire center length of the duvet. Hidden ties placed in both top corners help hold your duvet insert in place, while ties at the bottom keep the duvet cover closed and stand up to vigorous laundering (who has time for re-sewing on buttons that tend to pop off in the wash?). Choose from the entire range of our signature color palette to create any mood you are going for.

Xx, Jo  

|| Please note - duvet cover does not come with a duvet insert. Duvet covers are made to fit the standard size selected ||

Click here for more size info on this garment.

  • Fabric Content: 100% Linen
  • Wash in cold water, low tumble to dry.
  • All garments are washed and dried after assembly
  • 100% made in Canada

Caring for your linen is easy! You can machine wash them in cold or warm water with gentle detergent. Tumble drying on a low setting helps soften the linen.

Our linen home products are pre-washed to prevent additional shrinkage.

Wrinkles are part of linen's natural charm, but if you prefer a pressed look, use a medium-heat iron or a garment steamer. Hanging your linen item in a steamy bathroom can also help remove wrinkles.

Our Linen Spray is a great way to freshen up and soften wrinkles on natural fiber garments and bed linens, and it's especially handy for traveling.

Our entire linen palette is described in more depth further down on this product page. You can also order a swatch book with all of our current linen colorways.

Here are just a few of the reasons we've fallen in love (and won't go back)!                  

  • One of the most eco-friendly fibres, as well as being one of the strongest  natural fibres.
  • Our linen is a weight of 240gsm so it will be durable for everyday use.
  • Great thermoregulation properties. Meaning it draws heat away from the body, keeping you cooler in the warmer months and gives warmth during the cold months.
  • No need to iron. Natural creases and wrinkles give linen its comforting and relaxed charm.   
  • Our linen products are pre-washed helping kickstart that signature linen softness that gets better with age and use.

Completa el look:

Linen Duvet Cover (Ready to Ship)

$188.00 USD
Linen homeware Made-For-You

Our linenwares are made specially for you after the order is placed. Your order will be dispatched within 3 weeks of the order date. 

Our made-for-you approach gives you the freedom to alter sizing on pieces for that just-right fit for your home.

If you require any custom sizing adjustments to be made to your order, please include these specifications in the "order notes" section found on the cart page. This could include lengthening/shortening the length to "x amount", adjusting the width to "x amount", etc.


What kind of customizations do you offer?

We offer customizations to any of our homewares. These include (but are not limited to):

  • customizing size for specialized pillows and/or duvet inserts.
  • adding additional duvet ties.
  • doing clean finish on outside centre seam instead of raw seam feature.

How do I care for my linen?

Caring for your linen homeware is easy! You can machine wash them in cold water with gentle detergent. Tumble drying on a low setting helps soften the linen.

Our home products are pre-washed to prevent additional shrinkage.

Our Linen Spray is a great way to freshen up and soften wrinkles on natural fiber bed linens.

If I don't request any customizations, is my item still made-to-order?

Yes. Unless you are ordering from our ready-to-ship section; all products are made-to-order, even if you are ordering a base size w/o any customizations.

What is your current lead time?

Our current lead time is 2-3 weeks for all our made-for-you products.

Ready to ship styles will be sent out 1-2 business days after your order is placed.

Do you charge extra for customizations?

No. The only time we would have to charge extra is if the customization required substantially more material or labour.

If that is the case, we will reach out to you via email to come to a solution before starting on your order.

Do you offer fabric swatches of your colorways?

Yes. You can order a complete set of our linen color swatches for free here.

You can also scroll down near the bottom of this page to find more details on our current colorways.

Where is your linen from?

Our garment linen is Oeko-Tex certified and European Flax certified and our home linen is from South Korea.

How can I get notified when a colorway is restocked?

If we run out of a specific colorway, we will always notify our mailing list first of the re-stock. Sign up in our footer to stay in the know!

Returns & Exchanges

Hassle Free Returns

Creating linenwares you love is our #1 priority. If you don't love your order for any reason, our return portal makes for a seamless exchange experience. We gladly offer returns within 14 days of receiving your package.

Direct Exchange

One option is to exchange for a different color of the same product; or you may also choose to customize something on your exchange. We will work with you to find a solution that is a perfect fit for your home.

Store Credit

If the product you ordered isn't what you were expecting or just isn't right for you - our team is here to help. Store credit will be issued in the form of a digital gift card that never expires once we receive your order back to the studio.

Our promises to You


All of our homewares are made with natural, layerable materials that breath and get softer with age and use—so you’ll love how they feel today and years down the line.


Every product is made-for-you once your order is placed—helping us limit fabric waste and focus precious resources on creating what we know our customers want.


Our made-for-you approach gives you the freedom to alter pieces for that just-right fit. Your piece is tailored by our talented
seamstresses and your pattern is saved for future orders.


Foundational pieces that you’ll build a lifelong relationship with. For us, it’s about more than creating something beautiful—it’s a reflection of our values and a source of pride.

We stand behind our products

Love your Linen Guarantee

Love it, or we'll work for free until you do. Guaranteed!

Our current home color palette...


A light warm beige. Speckled with hints of brown undertones through natural unbleached fibres. This calming and virtuous hue helps create a sense of tranquility and simplicity.


A cool and dark neutral that is a unique mixture of a grey and black. Noticeably brighter than black. This hue communicates strength and honesty and is an inviting dark neutral.

Linen Robe (ready to ship) - cedarandvine


A grey hue possessing a prominent blue undertone. The cool neutral pairs well with many other colors. This hue embodies stability, creating a sense of calm and relief; a neutral color of compromise creating a soothing emotional effect.


A soft grey hue that sits on the border between being warm or cool. This delicate color captures quietness and has a stabilizing effect with its neutrality, producing feelings of protection and calmness.


A subtle pink hue that is delicately warm. Light hearted and playful in nature. This hue encompasses gentleness, and is reminiscent to the last hint of warm evening light before dusk sets in.


An earthy and warm, green-brown hue. This organic neutral is harmonious with a wide array of colors. this warmhearted color is associated with peace and captivates a feeling of renewal and growth.


A bold, strong, and true black, This colour can be easily dressed down with softer tones, or up with vivid hues. This color exhibits a professional and sophisticated vibe with a modern and dramatic edge.


A deeply saturated burnt orange hue that lands between the true orange and brown spectrum. Bold and energetic in nature. This hue embodies the cheerfulness of yellow and fierceness of red, producing an invigorating effect on the brain and stimulating emotions of joy and warmth.


A rich and sumptuous pink hue with a hint of purple undertones. This colour is refreshing and as inspiring as walking through a garden of fresh blooms and berries.


A deeply saturated blue hue that is slightly lighter than a traditional navy. This aquatic hue provokes feelings of clarity and refreshment, a perfect balance of energy and serenity.

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