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Linen Blazers & Jackets

Looking for an Ethically-Made, Hand-Tailored Linen Blazer for Women?

Linen is an incredibly comfortable fabric that never goes out of style. Our selection of linen blazers and jackets harness the power of linen to make breathable, stylish blazers and linen jackets that you can pair with all sorts of fabrics (we especially like other natural fibres like cotton, wool and hemp).

Linen has a reputation for being baggy and loose. However, Cedar & Vine tailors its linen blazers and jackets to perfectly match your proportions at no additional cost. That's what makes our clothing special - it's designed to make YOU feel special. Read More

A Linen Jacket for Women is an Investment

Linen's tightly woven natural fibres ensure that it's a valuable sartorial investment. Fast fashion churns out identical clothes calculated to fray after a couple of years - max.

In fact, textile waste accounts for 92 million tons of landfill every year. And finding truly long-lasting clothes can seem like an impossible task.

However, Cedar & Vine linen is designed to last for decades without wear and tear. And, as our clothing is designed to match your measurements, your wardrobe will stay personalised, fresh and fashionable for years after purchase.

A Linen Blazer for Women that Makes You Feel Good

Fashion is supposed to make you feel good. When you buy Cedar & Vine, you know that you're supporting a woman-owned, ethical business that has made women all around the world feel comfortable and stylish in their own skin.

Our tagline is 'linen clothing for the intentional woman'. What does this mean exactly? It means that our customers wear our clothing rather than the other way around. Durable, fitted and stylish, our products are for women who want innovative, ethical clothing that fits them perfectly. In other words - dynamic clothing for dynamic women.

Here are some facts about Cedar & Vine that should enhance your journey with us:

  • We save your patterns for future orders, making shopping with us consistently a breeze. Just another personalised touch that Cedar & Vine is famous for.
  • Our high-quality linen shirts in Canada are thermoregulated. Thermoregulated clothes change with your body's temperature. This is because our fabric is breathable, meaning that excess air is released through the clothing's fibres, preventing heat build-up and humidity. In contrast, in colder weather, 100% linen clothing can trap a warm layer of heat next to the skin while wicking away sweat and moisture.
  • All of our linen jacket for women are made under one roof. Many 'ethical' fabric brands, in actuality, use outsourced fabric that they use in production. However, we can put our money where our mouth is and make products that you can truly feel good about.
  • Linen is that rare thing: a fabric that actually improves with age. Over the years, women's linen pant suits get softer and more comfortable: a process known as 'linen ageing' or sometimes 'linen's vintage charm'. Though the colour might fade slightly, it usually gives linen an elegant patina. However, the fabric stays smooth and strong. Read Less

Want to discover more about our linen pants? Get in touch!

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Ebb & Flow Jacket (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvineEbb & Flow Jacket (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvine
Ebb & Flow Jacket Precio de oferta$220.00
Linen Blazer - cedarandvineLinen Blazer - cedarandvine
Linen Blazer Precio de oferta$316.00
Luna Jacket - cedarandvineLuna Jacket - cedarandvine
Luna Jacket Precio de oferta$290.00
Swing Jacket - cedarandvineSwing Jacket - cedarandvine
Swing Jacket Precio de oferta$335.00
Reversible Overcoat - cedarandvineReversible Overcoat - cedarandvine
Reversible Overcoat Precio de oferta$368.00
Vienna Jacket - cedarandvineVienna Jacket - cedarandvine
Vienna Jacket Precio de oferta$216.00
Linen Robe - cedarandvineLinen Robe - cedarandvine
Linen Robe Precio de oferta$138.00
Linen Vest - cedarandvineLinen Vest - cedarandvine
Linen Vest Precio de oferta$264.00