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Made-to-Order is a sustainable approach to manufacturing where your order is cut and sewn specially for you after the order is placed. Like most good things, this process requires some time. Orders dispatch within 3 weeks of the order date.  

Why Made-to-Order?


1. Allows us to offer more colors, styles, and sizes. We are a small team so it would be impossible for us to stock every size, color, and style that we are currently able to offer - without increasing garment cost substantially and having all our resources tied up in inventory. Instead we can focus spending our time creating garments that are going to be lived in and loved.
2. Reduces waste. We love this way of manufacturing because it is lean! Instead of producing a whole lot of garments that may or may not sell, we produce only what has sold. This way we aren't sending products to landfill that don't sell.
3. No Pressure. Lets be realistic - running a garment brand is no walk in the park and there IS pressure (lots of it), but we are taking about the kind of pressure that brands usually have to put on there customers to buy products because they are already made and/or sometimes too many products get made. Its obvious that we still must make sales to operate our brand and support our team - but by doing made-to-order manufacturing, we can let customers choose for themselves instead of "pushing" garments that have been overproduced.


The Process


Each and every garment gets created under one roof here in our studio - located in Weyburn, SK...and it goes something like this:




Small Batch Production



Small batch production is another sustainable manufacturing approach we use for some styles that are established. We use this method for designs and sizes that we know will sell, so that we don't end up with wasted inventory. 
In small batch production, we cut 25-50 garments together and sew them in a small esembly, to make the creation process more efficient. 
If a garment shows as "add-to-cart" on our website, it was likely created in a small batch and will be dispatched within 1-3 business days.