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Spring Capsule Launch

Explore ELEVEN fresh linen garments, designed and crafted with care to complement your style for this season (and the next)! From breezy linen dresses to versatile tops and bottoms, our latest collection truly has something for every occasion.

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Austen Dress (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvineAusten Dress (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvine
Austen Dress Precio de oferta$208.00
Breeze Top (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvineBreeze Top (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvine
Breeze Top Precio de oferta$112.00
Courtside Skort (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvineCourtside Skort (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvine
Courtside Skort Precio de oferta$127.00
Cross-Back Dungaree (Version 2) - cedarandvineCross-Back Dungaree (Version 2) - cedarandvine
Cross-Back Dungaree (Version 2) Precio de oferta$220.00
Essential Tank - cedarandvineEssential Tank - cedarandvine
Essential Tank Precio de oferta$97.00
Garden Dress (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvineGarden Dress (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvine
Garden Dress Precio de oferta$220.00
Iris Dress (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvineIris Dress - cedarandvine
Iris Dress Precio de oferta$212.00
Linen Vest - cedarandvineLinen Vest - cedarandvine
Linen Vest Precio de oferta$264.00
Lisa Shirt (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvineLisa Shirt (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvine
Lisa Shirt Precio de oferta$171.00
Resort Short (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvineResort Short (Ready to Ship) - cedarandvine
Resort Short Precio de oferta$123.00
The Cozy Tank - cedarandvineThe Cozy Tank - cedarandvine
The Cozy Tank Precio de oferta$71.00