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Ready To Ship

Most of our products are specially made-for-you after your order is placed, but we do have a select few styles in stock for our showroom and other events.

Here you can easily access any stock we have ready made; and have them shipped out right away. Anything from our ready-to-ship collection will be sent out 1-3 business days after the order is placed.

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The Cozy Skirt - cedarandvineThe Cozy Skirt - cedarandvine
The Cozy Skirt (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$94.00
The Cozy Top - cedarandvineThe Cozy Top - cedarandvine
The Cozy Top (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$72.00
The Essential Skirt - cedarandvineThe Essential Skirt - cedarandvine
The Essential Skirt (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$120.00
Linen Wrap Pant - cedarandvineLinen Wrap Pant - cedarandvine
Linen Wrap Pant (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$180.00
August Gown - cedarandvineAugust Gown - cedarandvine
August Gown (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$199.00
St. Kilda Crop - cedarandvineSt. Kilda Crop - cedarandvine
St. Kilda Crop (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$68.00
Harem Trouser - cedarandvineHarem Trouser - cedarandvine
Harem Trouser (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$143.00
Luna Jacket - cedarandvineLuna Jacket - cedarandvine
Luna Jacket (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$292.00
Swing Jacket - cedarandvineSwing Jacket - cedarandvine
Swing Jacket (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$337.00
Lapel Romper - cedarandvineLapel Romper - cedarandvine
Lapel Romper (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$221.00
Utility Romper - cedarandvineUtility Romper - cedarandvine
Utility Romper (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$221.00
Tiered Trapeze Dress - cedarandvineTiered Trapeze Dress - cedarandvine
Tiered Trapeze Dress (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$214.00
Mini Utility Romper - cedarandvineMini Utility Romper - cedarandvine
Mini Utility Romper (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$176.00
Apron Dress - cedarandvineApron Dress - cedarandvine
Apron Dress (Ready to Ship) Precio de oferta$139.00