There's an understated beauty in timeless design.

By focusing on good design, we believe we can support our local economy and provide a product that is sustainable; while still making sense price-wise. We like to break this down to the cost per wear analogy:
You could spend $20 on a cheaply made T-shirt and and wear it twice...or spend $200 on a quality, slow fashion shirt and wear it at least 20 times.
Your cost per wear for both garments is the same, but with the later investment garment you have supported ethical garment production, you have wasted less, and you are able to wear a good quality garment that you love and hopefully live in for many years.
Clothing presents an amazing opportunity to show your values and what you support because it's one of the first things people notice about you - and it's often a conversation piece.




The Why Behind Cedar & Vine

Why Made-In-Canada?

To us, slow fashion goes hand-in-hand with intentional design: a process that works for good to benefit everything affected by the product. This includes the people who create, model, and market our garments, good ol' mother earth, and of course YOU - the end user.

The way we ensure that the entire process is sustainable and ethical is by making our products right here in our studio. See more on our process here.

Why Linen?

Our obsession with linen is no coincidence. Although we may be biased, there is no better material to start with when trying to design a quality piece. Not only is it one of the most eco-friendly fibers - it is also the strongest, most durable natural fiber. Besides its comfort and amazing wearing properties, our absolute favorite thing about linen is how it gets better with age.

This creates a connection to the garments. Even when they are worn, there is a desire to mend them and give them new life instead of throwing them away. In our current use + discard society, we believe this connection is key.