Measurement Guide

Measurement Guide


|| Where to Start ||

First, it’s best to remove any bulky clothing and to be wearing the undergarments that you would typically wear underneath the item you are fitting for. This is especially important for bras as the type of bra you wear can change your bust measurement.


|| The Tools ||

Grab yourself a flexible measuring tape, pen, and paper. A full length mirror will also be useful to make sure you are measuring in the right spot and to check that the tape does not get twisted. It can also be helpful to grab a partner to help you take those trickier to reach measurements.


Remember that these measurements are just numbers, and should never be associated with your self-worth. Instead use these numbers as a tool to get a perfectly fitting garment that makes you feel incredible and empowered. We want nothing less for our customers, than for them to feel remarkable in their garments that they can love and live in for years!