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Waffle Knit Legging

Precio de oferta$95.00 CAD

A note from the designer.

These leggings are a very similar cut and fit to our ever popular base legging. We wear our base leggings all winter long under our linens - so we wanted to provide another option that was a bit thicker and more textured. Between these 3 hues, there is an option to pair with every one of our linen colorways. 

Xx, Jo

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      Waffle Knit Legging - cedarandvine
      Waffle Knit Legging Precio de oferta$95.00 CAD

      Our goal? Hearing you say, “I live in this.”

      As a women-led team of designers and makers, we know that finding clothing that fits our ever-evolving bodies isn’t as simple as picking a number on a size chart. That’s why we take the time to understand your unique shape, using your measurements to alter the fit of our core styles.

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