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Plus Size Linen Clothing

Plus Size Linen Clothing in Canada that Makes You Feel Good

Looking for immaculate-quality plus-size linen dresses in Canada (alongside shirts and other products)? Well, look no further. Cedar & Vine offers a range of plus-size garments to flatter your physique and help you enjoy the wonderful fabric that is linen.

What's special about Cedar & Vine is that we offer custom sizing as part of the price of our tailored products. So, if you enter your measurements when buying our linen clothing, we'll adapt the item to perfectly conform to your figure.

Because, at its best, linen should be comfortable but also stylish. Our goal is to manufacture clothing that people want to live in and feel confident in.

And if, for whatever reason, you're dissatisfied with your purchase, we offer a hassle-free return process.

We'll work for free until you're in love with your linen - and that's a guarantee! Read More

What You Can Expect from Cedar & Vine Canada's Plus Size Linen Dresses

As a high-quality fabric, you can expect certain things from linen clothing. In terms of durability, linen clothing should last for years. Linen originates from the flax plant, which is known for its tough natural fibres. Consequently, every linen garment is a highly rewarding investment. Though it changes over time, plus size linen maintains its quality.

In fact, it just gets better - the second thing you can expect is that linen becomes softer to the touch and more supple. This is a relatively rare quality among fabrics. Additionally, though the colour will fade, it will take on a characteristically elegant patina. Properly caring for linen shouldn't be too difficult either - and we're always happy to provide some guidance. Overall, plus size linen clothing made in Canada truly is the gift that keeps giving.

All linen should also be breathable. The pores in the fabric allow air to escape, preventing sweat buildup. Aesthetics aside, linen is fantastic as an all-season fabric due to its thermoregulatory capabilities.

Overall, linen is known as a luxury fabric, partially because wearing it feels like a luxurious experience. But the final expectation you can have of your wide leg linen pants in Canada is that it should be versatile. For example, our linen dresses are suitable for a number of contexts, ranging from dinners and gatherings to lounging around at home. Over the years, linen has never really gone out of style, which just means that it's an elegant, versatile choice of fabric.

Some examples of styles that you could try with our linen clothes for women include:

  • For a laid-back weekend style, match a linen shirt with a t-shirt or tank top, chinos and jeans (or high-waisted linen pants), and loafers or sneakers.
  • For office chic, add jewellery, pumps and patterned or classically coloured garments.
  • Combine our linen dresses in Canada or a shirt with other loose clothing, beaded jewellery, and leather sandals. for a bohemian vibe

Got Any Questions About Our Plus Size Linen? Contact Us Today!

If you would like to learn more about Cedar & Vine, our story or our products, please get in touch - we'll respond as soon as possible. Read Less

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