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A woman walking in Cedar and Vine Linen Shorts

Packing a Capsule Wardrobe — What I Wore Around San Francisco

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched to create lots of different outfits. While it might include a smaller number of clothing pieces it does not mean that personal fashion is sacrificed. A capsule wardrobe will have foundational pieces that you can dress up or down, and pair with as many other things as possible. This is perfect especially for traveling, as it allows you to seriously maximize luggage space and make sure you are ready for any adventure.

What to consider when building a capsule wardrobe.



Pack clothing that you can easily mix and match, to suit a variety of the activities you will be doing while travelling. A wardrobe capsule that can transition from day-to-night, or business-to-play are the most versatile. Start with your core pieces like dresses/rompers, tops, and bottoms; then build on from there. 



Keep a neutral colour palette for your essential pieces, which helps with easy pairing for colourful hues and patterned pieces. Accent colours can be incorporated into your ensembles to build interest and personality. Building a key colour palette for your wardrobe capsule makes garment pairing effortless. Our favourite neutrals are Oatmeal, Pebble, Slate, and Desert.


It's important to check the weather forecast to where you are headed. Packing items that will layer well is essential for us. Core pieces that allow for layers underneath or overtop make for the most successful capsule wardrobe. Pack layers that are easy to put on or take off. This will save you time and frustration for a fluctuating weather, it'll also eliminate having to go back to your lodging for a complete outfit change. 



Accessories are the easiest way to add colour, personality, and intrigue to your outfit. Accessories are also traditionally small items that won't take up precious real estate in your luggage. Scarves, jewellery, and a fun purse/bag, are perfect for infusing your personal style into your capsule wardrobe.

My Go-To Travel Pieces

Wide Leg Slack

"Elevated comfort" is how I describe this style. A classic and flattering staple that can easily be dressed up or down. Easy to wear with a simple top and throw a blazer on for a classy look. Seam lines down the back pant legs give shape and add a flattering elongated illusion. The pleated front waist lays flat, while the elastic waistband at the back provides flexibility and moves with you throughout a on-the-go day.

Woman wearing Cedar and Vine linen Lapel Romper

Lapel Romper

Our favourite one-and-done pieces that instantly makes you feel put together. It's one of our favourite pieces to go from casual to elevated. (We're always reaching for it for our date-night attire.) The comfortable fit allows for room to pair with a thin layer underneath for cooler temps. Throw on a jacket/blazer and you're ready to enjoy an evening out.

Woman wearing Cedar and Vine linen Lapel Romper

Layering with Natural Fibres

Our favourite pieces for layering underneath our key garments. Light and breathable and perfect for creating a clean and seamless look. Perfect for wearing in a climate with fluctuating temperatures. 

Woman wearing linen romper while by the bay

Pair with a fun shoe to add a pop of color! How fun are these yellow clogs that I picked up from a brand that I admire so much. Was so excited to get to visit their showroom when we were in San Fran!

Tapered Trouser

A favourite in our capsule wardrobe back home, so of course they would travel with me. This is the style that everyone raves over! Our Tapered Trouser is truly flattering on any body type with its elongating seam lines that run down that back legs. The wide stitched down elastic waistband provides comfort and flexibility for fluctuations throughout the day. Pair with a fun walking shoe and your ready to explore the day away.

Woman wearing Cedar and Vine linen Tapered Trouser
Woman wearing linen shorts while exploring San Francisco
Woman wearing linen shorts and handmade sweater vest

Wearing this amazing hand knit sweater vest on repeat. It added the most beautiful pop of color to my capsule wardrobe. Please go check out more of her work!

A few more of my favourite snaps while out exploring San Fransisco.

Thank you to my husband for indulging me with a few mini fashion shoots with my favourite layered looks!

Woman twirling in the streets wearing a linen tunic
Woman wearing linen skirt and hand knit sweater vest
woman wearing linen skirt and handmade clogs
Woman wearing linen pants and handmade sweater vest on a hill
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