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Woman sewing linen garments at a sewing machine

Made-For-You — How our Production Process Sets us Apart

Cedar & Vine is turning back the dial. While it's the industry norm to churn out big, trend-driven collections at breakneck speeds, we are slowing things down. By hand-making garments that are custom-fit just for you, our goal is to inspire a deeper connection to your clothing. 


We believe that when you choose to invest in quality pieces and feel close to the people who make them, you'll cherish them for longer — and maybe even pass them down to someone else one day.

What is Made-For-You?

Made-For-You is a sustainable approach to manufacturing where your order is cut and sewn specifically for YOU, after your order is placed. This allows us to offer an inclusive size range (2XS-4XL) and a more diverse colour palette. 

This production method also allows us to offer custom alterations giving you a bespoke garment. We understand that none of us fit neatly into one size from head-to-toe. This is why we offer fit customization at no extra cost. We'll help you with base size selection and taking your own measurements, then create a personalized digital pattern that reflects your preferences. Your pattern is saved for future orders, so it's ready and waiting as you grow your collection. 

As a women-led team of designers and makers, we know that finding clothing that fits our ever-evolving bodies isn't as simple as picking a number on a size chart. That's why we take the time to understand your unique shape, using your measurements to alter the fit of our crore styles so you can feel at peace in your body — whether that means extra length or a roomier fit. Our goal? Hearing you say, "I live in this."

Linen fabric on bolts

Why We Love our Made-For-You Approach

Reduced Waste

Instead of producing a whole mass of garments that may or may not sell, we produce only what has been sold. This not only reduces waste of materials but also waste of times as it allows us to truly create timeless and special pieces. 

No Pressure

We don't have to pressure our customers to buy already made products. We still must make sales to operate and support our team, but my doing Made-For-You, we can let our customer choose for themselves instead of "pushing" garments that have been overproduced. 

More Variety

As we are a small team, it would be impossible for us to stock every size, colour, and style without increasing garment cost substantially, and having all our resources tied up in inventory. Instead we can focus our time on creating garments that are going to be lined and loved, for years to come.

Complete Transparency

Our Made-For-You approach allows us to run all aspects of our business under one roof. This allows us to be completely honest with our customers about the environment our clothing is made in and the wellbeing of the humans crafting it.

Linen being ironed and linen clothing on a garment rack

How Made-For-You Works

Here is a quick breakdown about what happens in our studio after you place your order.

  1. You place an order through our website by selecting the size that you believe that you are closest to, or use our sizing recommendations. You can also include your measurements and we will check that the sizes you chose are correct or we will adjust as needed. If there is a garment that you are wanted altered you would also include a note about what you would like changed. For example — adjusting the length of an inseam. It's important to be detailed and clear.
  2. If needed, customizations are made in our digital drafting program, this creates a digital file that we can revisit for any additional alterations or to recreate another garment with the same customizations.          
  3. The digital pattern file is then ready to be made into a marker that is formatted for our cutting machine to read. We create a marker by nesting together multiple garments of the same colour. This allows us to cut garments with minimal fabric waste.
  4. Fabric is spread across the cutting machine table and then we let the machine do all the work of cutting out each piece of the garment.
  5. The cut garment pieces are then bundled together with a tag that indicates the style, size, and order number to help keep everything organized and accounted for.
  6. This bundle is then handed over to our seamstresses who ready their sewing machine and serger with matching thread, fuse any fabric pieces, and gather appropriate notions. Depending on the style and its complexity a product can take anywhere from 1-6 hours to sew.
  7. Once sewing is complete, every one of our products (other than our lined jackets/coats) gets washed. Washing the products helps kickstart that signature linen softness, as well as help avoid any shrinkage on the customer's end.
  8. After being washed and dried, everything gets ironed whiled undergoing a quality check.
  9. Once passing quality control, the products get wrapped and packed with the addition of a handwritten note.
  10. One of our couriers then picks up your parcel or we drop it off at our local post office to be shipped to you!
  11. We hope to hear that you are constantly reaching for your garment when choosing an outfit! (We also love it when you leave us a review or tag us on social media when wearing/using our products!)

Doing our part to help eliminate fabric waste.

Here at Cedar & Vine, our entire production happens under one roof so we are able to be more conscious and transparent with our manufacturing methods. We do our very best to keep our textile waste to a minimum through lean production practices and by using scraps for swatch kits and larger offcuts for small products. 

With that being said there are still more than enough fabric remnants that we would love to share with the rest of you! Let us help you out with those small textile projects that you have been dreaming about doing! Each box contains varying dimensions and colours of fabric. 

A box of fabric remnants is completely free for our community, just pay for the shipping. We send out a 12x12x10 box full of fabric cut-offs. Please note that there is a quantity limit of 1 box per order. You can always order more in the future (and we would love if you do).

Ethical fashion is the recognition that there are human beings behind the clothing that we wear.

Group of women wearing linen clothing while sitting on couch

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