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Artículo: Designing A Tablescape with Linen

Clay bowl and plates on top of linen

Designing A Tablescape with Linen

Plant and dishes sitting on linen tablecloth and placemats

What is a Tablescape?

For those of you wondering what tablescaping is, it is the process of transforming ordinary dining spaces into a memorable setting. Whether it's for an intimate meal for two, to a large, festive gathering. 

Designing a tablescape allows you to express your personal style while bringing a little extra joy to a meal.

You don’t even need to be a world-class chef to plan the perfect table. Tablescaping is even a way to dress up the presentation of your favourite takeout food. This method of dressing your table is not about making the food yourself (although you are certainly welcome to). Rather tablescaping is about creating an environment that your guests will feel a little extra special and create a magical moment of gathering.

Woman setting linen napkins on plates

Tablescaping Tips & Tricks

Here's a collection of tips and tricks that we have discovered while having some fun during our Homewares product shoots.

Fancy dinner table setting.

Have Fun!

There are no official rules! This guide is just a starting point to help you not feel overwhelmed. This is a fun way to put your own style and bring personalization to any occasion! We discovered and now implement these tips when we do our product photography for our Linen Homewares. We hope they help you too!

You don't have to spend the big bucks to create a gorgeous setting. Not everything (or anything) on your table needs to be brand new. There's a good chance you already have nearly everything you need. We personally love using a mix of things we already own, including thrifted vintage pieces, and handcrafted items. Do some designing and practice setups. If you have scoured your home and feel like your table is missing something, then go out shopping. This process will also help narrow down what exactly you feel is missing. Is it something with colour, height, a specific vessel, fresh florals, etc. Invest in pieces that you know you can use time and time again.

Table settings with linen

Begin with the Bases

Pick a colour palette, theme, or mood. This will give your tablescape a vision and help you really focus on your design and help you not get overwhelmed in it all.Are you using your table au natural or are you wanting a tablecloth? If you're wanting to hide some flaws in your table or just simply want to add some timeless elegance a tablecloth is a great option for the base of setting the tone.

Whether or not you are using a tablecloth, another great option is adding a table runner. A table runner is an easy way to create a focal point that runs down the centre of your table and also makes for a great base for additional layers to your tablescape.

Set the Mood

We love a cozy candle lit dinner, but there's great flameless options such as lights that have a small battery pack that can easily be concealed in the rest of your table's arrangements.Remember that the little details can really set the tone. Handwritten place cards add the sweetest personalized touch, it's guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests' faces. Or even how you fold your napkins – collectively these small additions will sincerely transform your tablescape.

linen napkins on plates and bowls

Handmade Napkin Rings

Looking for the perfect napkin ring? Check our our collaboration with The Clay People! Linen paired with the fun texture and shape of theses clay napkin rings – it's truly a divine combo. They are the perfect set for everyday use and add a little flair for special occasions.

Linen napkins with clay napkin rings
Folded linen napkins on table for dinner

Natural Elements

Add a piece of nature to your table. Think about what is currently in season, and what will match your theme. Small gourds, pumpkins, and fresh garden produce are naturally beautiful on an Autumn table. During the winter you can find winter greens at your local plant/floral shop. We are also definitely on team dried florals as they can be used during anytime of the year. Go out on a nature walk and see what you can find in your own neighbourhood. Just remember to be respectful and source sustainably!

Dried flowers and potted plant on tablescape

Final Takeaway

Pick your mood that you are trying to achieve with your table setting. Tablescaping is all about layering, so start with your main focal point and build on from there. It can be as elaborate to as simple as you would like. Mix and match pieces that you already have and if you need to buy, invest in pieces that you know you will use time and time again. The most important thing to remember is that the art of tablescaping doesn't have to be saved for special occasions. Use it as a way to insert a little extra joy into your everyday routine and create a place of gathering for the loved ones that you share your life with.

Candlelit dinner with linen accessories

There's many sources out there to gain a little inspiration for the tablescape that you are trying to achieve, but we hope that this little guide will help ease any intimidation and help inspire you to create an artful table setting of your own!

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