Copy of Studio

We're Jo + Brooklyn, the gals behind everything Cedar & Vine.

And I don't think there's any hiding that we, as people, are the epitome of chaos. 

But if there's one thing we've learned through the creation of Cedar & Vine, it's that there's a little bit of magic that comes when we embrace that insanity + channel it towards that which we love.

From the beginning, it was our goal to be transparent. Ultimately, no matter where we went with our brand, that was a value that would never change.

So in order to keep that transparency once and for all, we want to introduce you to our entire process (+ team) behind the creation of our products.


The Process


The Team


The most wholehearted lady you will ever meet. Jo's roots take her back to SK, where she spent most of her growing up days making. This is the gal behind every. single. design.


Jo's creative soulmate and forever friend, Brooklyn joined the team to manage all things social media and content.


We must call this one fate. Jo's first roommate in TO (and later, friend). When we discovered her natural ability to rock all things #cedarandvine, she became the face of all our clothes.



Cutting is a job that doesn't receive a lot of recognition, but we can't emphasize how vital it is. With 35 years of experience, this meticulous man goes above and beyond his title, making design recommendations and suggestions to maximize fabric yields.


The newest addition to our team, Jenna comes with a rich background in sample sewing and ensures that all of our production garments are sewn with care. Campino candies are her favourite pick-me-up treat. And lucky for the rest of us, she's always willing to share.


Before any garment can be assembled, the cut pieces undergo an important fusing process. Cue, Andy. Also our expert presser, he is the last set of eyes on every garment we send out. Andy keeps our team well-fed and energized with his candy stash and happy-go-lucky personality.


As a sample sewer for six years before joining FX, Bick's years of expertise help her keep production organized and efficient. We know that things don’t always go as planned in production, and we're ever-so-lucky to have this problem solver as part of the team.



Quality control + cleaning. This is the production term we use for making sure all the threads are snipped and garments spiffy before being pressed. Naznene takes care of the details: buttons, elastic, + making sure any components required for each garment are organized.


While he helps us with production sewing, Som is well acquainted with all aspects of the design process, through the creation of his own fashion line. Fun fact: Som was a contestant on Season four of STITCHED, where he clearly displays his creative genius.


Ester’s fun and loveable personality keep things light on the production floor. To her, the fashion industry is never boring. Coming to us with a history of sample sewing for many big labels in Hong Kong, she is a well-loved addition to our production sewing team.


Irene is a believer in a real work/life/travel balance. She uses travel to recharge, and boy it must work. We are always confident she’ll get any job done. With years of experience in the industry, there isn’t a garment that she doesn’t have the expertise to assemble.

The Promise

We're constantly learning + adapting the way we work in order to be more sustainable.  If there's one promise we can make to you, it's that you will be included + kept in the loop through every transition.