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Knit Garments

Designed to seamlessly pair with your favorite Cedar and Vine linen pieces. Say goodbye to compromising style for warmth; this collection is here to make your winter dressing as cozy as it is seasonless.

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The Cozy Tank - cedarandvineThe Cozy Tank - cedarandvine
The Cozy Tank Sale price$71.00
Base Top - cedarandvineBase Top - cedarandvine
Base Top Sale price$64.00
Base Legging - cedarandvineBase Legging - cedarandvine
Base Legging Sale price$67.00
The Cozy Top - cedarandvineThe Cozy Top - cedarandvine
The Cozy Top Sale price$71.00
The Cozy Skirt - cedarandvineThe Cozy Skirt - cedarandvine
The Cozy Skirt Sale price$93.00
Waffle Knit Top - cedarandvineWaffle Knit Top - cedarandvine
Waffle Knit Top Sale price$67.00
The Cozy Dress - cedarandvineThe Cozy Dress - cedarandvine
The Cozy Dress Sale price$123.00
Ribbed Lounge Pant - cedarandvineRibbed Lounge Pant - cedarandvine
Ribbed Lounge Pant Sale price$119.00
Ribbed Mock Neck Sweater - cedarandvineRibbed Mock Neck Sweater - cedarandvine
Ribbed Mock Neck Sweater Sale price$108.00
Waffle Knit Dress - cedarandvineWaffle Knit Dress - cedarandvine
Waffle Knit Dress Sale price$138.00
Waffle Knit Legging - cedarandvineWaffle Knit Legging - cedarandvine
Waffle Knit Legging Sale price$71.00
The Cozy Bodysuit - cedarandvineThe Cozy Bodysuit - cedarandvine
The Cozy Bodysuit Sale price$131.00
Terry Dress - cedarandvineTerry Dress - cedarandvine
Terry Dress Sale price$118.00 Regular price$168.00
Terry Pullover - cedarandvineTerry Pullover - cedarandvine
Terry Pullover Sale price$128.00 Regular price$183.00
Terry Toque - cedarandvineTerry Toque - cedarandvine
Terry Toque Sale price$21.00 Regular price$30.00