Made to Order, Just for You

Made to Order, Just for You

Check out this blog post to learn about how to properly and easily take your own measurements. 

Reduced Waste: Instead of producing a whole lot of garments that may or may not sell, we produce only what has sold. 

No Pressure: We don't have to pressure our customers to buy already made products. We still must make sales to operate and support our team, but my doing Made-to Order, we can let customers choose for themselves instead of "pushing" garments that have been overproduced. 

More Variety: We are a small team so it would be impossible for us to stock every size, color, and style without increasing garment cost substantially, and having all our resources tied up in inventory. Instead we can focus our time on creating garments that are going to be lived in and loved, for years to come. 

Shortening/lengthening hems is our most common adjustment request. So for example you could put in your oder note, "Please add two inches to the length of the dress." Any notes and measurements that you include are kept on file in our database. So if you reorder a garment that had specific customizations we can duplicate those alterations. Talk about bespoke!

Here's a fun breakdown about what happens in our studio after you place your order.

1. Customizations are made in our digital drafting program, this creates a file that we can revisit for any additional alterations or to recreate another garment with the same customizations in another color. 

2. The digital file is then ready to be make into a marker that is formatted for our cutting machine to read. 

3. Fabric is spread across the cutting machine table and then we let the machine do all the work of cutting out each piece for the garment. 

4. The cut out garment pieces are then bundled together with a tag that indicates the style, size, and order number.

5. This bundle is then handed over to our seamstresses who ready their sewing machine and serger with matching thread, fuse any fabric pieces, and gather appropriate notions to the garment that they will be sewing. Depending on the style and its complexity a product can take anywhere from 1-6 hours to sew. 

7. Once sewing is complete, every one of our products (other than our lined jackets/coats) gets washed. Washing the products helps kickstart that signature linen softness, as well as help avoid any shrinkage on the customer's end. 

8. After being washed and dried, everything gets ironed while undergoing a quality check.

9. Once passing quality control the products get wrapped and packaged.

10. One of our couriers then picks up, or we drop the package off at the post office to be shipped to you!

Check out the video below to see these steps in action!




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