The Giving Bracelet: A Maker Highlight

March 24 2018 – Joanne Stewart

The Giving Bracelet: A Maker Highlight

The Giving Bracelet: A Maker Highlight

Mid-December, Jo + I found ourselves wandering around the storefronts near Kona, HI. In doing so, we stumbled upon a hidden gem.


The Giving Bracelet


From what we could see, Giving Bracelets was a small company. They were using leftover leather scraps (which would otherwise be waste) to create gorgeous, simplistic bracelets.

The storefront was small - with just a few tables of product. One of the ladies, Audriana, was perched at a table in the midst of us - working on new bracelets as we browsed around.

Looking through their collections, it was only a matter of minutes before I fell in love with a piece. I hadn't planned on buying anything while we were out - so in typical fashion, I ummed + awed over it for a whole lot longer than was probably necessary.

We ended up moving onto the next store on the terms of:

"If you can't get it out of your head, we'll come back."

The Giving Bracelet


(That's how you know you have good friends).

The decision was pretty much made for me. No matter what other shops we found, I couldn't bring myself to leave the marketplace without stopping back at Giving Bracelets.

So we headed back. It was then that we actually started more of a conversation with the two ladies working, realizing that there was a whole lot more to the company than just the eye could see.

Giving Bracelets was actually started by founder, Lesa Wallace, with the intention to find a way to continue donating money to her favorite charity - CASA for Children.

(CASA for Children is a network of community-based programs that recruit, train + support citizen-volunteers to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in courtrooms + communities).


The Giving Bracelet


Lesa wanted the bracelets she was creating to represent a greater purpose. As a result, Giving Bracelets was born.

We absolutely adore the mission behind Giving Bracelets, as well as the entire structure of the company. Coming from a sustainable fashion background ourselves, there's nothing we love more than seeing other companies creating products that fit into that mold.

To discover more about Giving Bracelets, you can visit their website.



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