How To Implement Minimalism Into Your Wardrobe

December 29 2017 – Joanne Stewart

When we find ourselves discussing the topic of minimalism, we're often met with somewhat skeptical reactions in return. And we get it - most of the images to pop into people's minds look somewhat along the lines of this:




Empty, cold, and not exactly what most people want to fill their lives with. But here's the thing - minimalism as an aesthetic style and minimalism as a lifestyle are two entirely different things.

Anuschka Rees‎ sums this up perfectly in her book, The Curated Closet.

Because yes, of course there will always be people that take minimalism to the extremes (like everything in life) - but at the end of the day, minimalism is about intentionality, not deprivation.

"It's not about owning or doing as little as possible. It's about owning and doing the right things, things that add value to your life."

Anushka Rees



That's the exact mindset that we try to carry across into our wardrobe. Nowadays, we live in a world overwhelmed by fast fashion. (If that term is new to you, we recommend you read this post first, before continuing on).

To avoid carrying that same overwhelming feeling into your own closet, it's absolutely necessary to curate your wardrobe with intention.

Note: that doesn't mean having an empty, colourless closet. It just means one filled with only things you love and/or need.

These are the questions we use ourselves to determine whether or not a piece is worth taking up space in our closet.

  • Do you love it? I use this on all of my friends too. If you can't look at that fab new piece you're trying on and say absolutely wholeheartedly that you love it, it's not worth it.

  • Will it fit with other pieces in your wardrobe? No matter how much you love a piece - if you can only wear it with one other thing in your wardrobe, you won't end up utilizing it that often.

  • Does it fit into your lifestyle? (That means how you spend your time now, not how you wish you were spending your time). How often will you wear it?

  • What is it made of + how will it need to be laundered? In essence, will it last?

Since challenging ourselves to only buy pieces that we absolutely love, we've ended up saving ourselves a whole lot of moola, as well as the regret that comes with spending money on items that just end up unworn at the back of our closet.

Sure, once in awhile, we'll feel the need for a little retail therapy, but it's so worth resisting in order to create the closet we love + are thankful for on the daily.

Xx, Brooklyn



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