6 Things Every Woman Needs

March 08 2019 – Joanne Stewart

International Women’s Day was first celebrated over 100 years ago. And what a reason to celebrate.


Glancing around our lives, there’s no doubt in our minds that women are undeniably powerful.

From the time that we were young, we’ve been surrounded by women who have raised us up. Who have shown us that you can be passionate and graceful at the same time. Who have taught us to be so full of genuine energy + spirit that you can’t help but inspire others.

Our own mama’s (and grandmama’s) were catalysts in bringing those lessons to life.

Of course, a lifetime (read: 20 ish years) of lessons could never be summed up in a single blog post. And there’s no way that we’re going to pretend we have it all figured out. But on this day, March 8, 2019, these are the things we aspire to have in our lives.


Libby Vanderploeg



When we think of thoughtfulness, we think of the little things. An entire day can be encouraged by something as simple as a well-thought-out text message.

So yes, message that friend that’s been on your mind today. Go out for coffee with them. Send them a card.

Just let them know that they’re important to you.

How we’re going to implement this: we will make the effort to let our people know that we are thinking of them.



A sagacious friend once told us, “in order to be a gracious old lady, you must first be a gracious young lady.” That thought alone changed our entire perspective on life - and not just in relation to grace. We’ve spent a whole lot of our lives saying things like:

  • She’s so kind. I want to be just like that.
  • Wow, she holds herself so well. I hope I’m the same when I’m older.

    We don’t believe that either of those thoughts are wrong. But we do believe that there is more room for growth when we approach those situations with a perspective of momentous change.

    To us, grace is a balance of being sensitive to others, having discretion to know how to behave in any situation, and being meek enough to let go of the limelight.

    How we’re going to implement this: we will slow down and take the time to listen to others, in order to draw the light out of them and let them shine.



    You know those women that have the innate ability to add a spark to any conversation they partake in? The ones with an energy so playful, you simply can’t offend them?

    As our grandma’s would say:

    She’s got her wits about her.


    Having wit takes the quiet act of being alert and prepared with a calm and grounded response to any situation: ingenuity.
    How we’re going to implement this: we will be conscious and prepared to react with a spirit of ingenuity rather than a defeatist attitude.



    Dovetailing off of wit, we think the notion of being conscious of our attitude manifests itself in the way we carry ourselves.

    Queue: “Head Held High” by Kodaline, a lil soundtrack to get you through the rest of this blog post. 

    We like to think of poise as a form of resilient, quiet confidence.

    How we’re going to implement this: we will consciously recognize the goodness in our lives, and strive for the resilience to carry us through with poise.



    Better known as an amalgamation of passion and intuition, heart encompasses the feelings in your bones that you simply can’t ignore.


    Tess Guinery

    Tess Guinery sums it up better. 👈🏼

    Don’t ignore these feelings.

    How we’re going to implement this: we will silence background hubbub in order to tap into those soul feelings, and use a balance of intuition and logic in our approach to life.



    Moderation in all things. Yes, we realize our blog post probably sounds a lil phooey by this point. (We’re still figuring out this whole balance thing 😉).

    Sometimes we have the tendency to take ourselves a lil too seriously.

    Balance could mean:

    • Taking a little more time to spend money rather than earn money. (We heard Cedar & Vine has some great picks 💃🏻🙉).
    • Letting that “totally sexist” joke that your hubby just made go.
    • Indulging in a little Carole’s Cheesecake at the end of a long week.
      How we’re going to implement this: we will go for Carole’s Cheesecake on Monday. Check our Instagram for accountability on this.



      Yes, we get it. These are lofty goals for our naive little selves. But we are quite confident that we can achieve at least one of these goals. 🍰

      Let us know all your feelings on this International Women’s Day (and leave us any other gems you would add to this list). 


      Jo + Brooklyn



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